Blockchain projects gain momentum


Although 2020 is a year like none before, Infrachain continues to take the blockchain agenda further. We‘re in home office mode since March and continue to work on exciting projects. Read on to learn more.

Deploying DLT use cases for the public sector: TOKEN

As announced in our previous newsletter, we’re part of a consortium that was selected for European funding under the Horizon 2020 programme: TOKEN. Infrachain is accompanied in this project by some of our members: itrust consulting, KYC3, LIST, Net Service, Scorechain and the University of Luxembourg’s SnT, as well as EY, InTech, and The Blockchain Academy®. Each of them contributes its blockchain specific knowledge and skills throughout the 3-years project with SnT ensuring the overall coordination. Discover what happened in TOKEN so far in this article or join the TOKEN community (

Operating a European blockchain: EBSI

EBSI is the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure developed by the European Blockchain Partnership (EBP) and the European Commission. The aim is to deliver EU-wide cross-border public services using blockchain technology. EBSI v1 was launched in early 2020. The EBSI consists of a network of distributed nodes across Europe. Infrachain was asked by the Ministry for Digitalisation to operate the first EBSI node in Luxembourg. The node will be hosted within CTIE’s GovCloud and operated by Infrachain. With our implication in the EBSI, we will contribute to implementing exciting EU cross-border use cases to Luxembourg and add our experience at EU scale. We will communicate further details on EBSI and DLT applications for public entities within the next months.

Building a European blockchain community: INATBA

Infrachain is a member of INATBA, the International Association for Trusted Blockchain applications. INATBA is a global forum for developers and users of DLT to interact with regulators and policy makers and bring blockchain technology to the next stage. All Infrachain members enjoy access to the work of INATBA. As of January this year, Infrachain joined all the INATBA working groups to contribute its knowledge and experience in blockchain related fields like governance, privacy, identity, finance, interoperability, education, mobility,… The Infrachain members who represent our association in these working groups dedicate their precious time and know-how to drive the blockchain agenda on a European and international level.

Providing blockchain policy recommendations: OECD

We were honoured to be selected as member of the OECD Blockchain Expert Policy Advisory Board. The task of this group was to provide advice to the OECD on its work on blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies and to contribute to the development of high-level blockchain policy principles. The Advisory Board finished its work in March and the final policy principles will be adopted by the OECD within the following days.

Pushing blockchain development: INFRACHAIN

May 2020 marks the third anniversary of Infrachain. What started as an industry-led initiative kicked-off by Digital Luxembourg is today a well-recognized driving force in the blockchain ecosystem. A big thank you from Infrachain to its members who make this possible!

As the current crisis accelerates the shift to digital, Infrachain and its members are ready to provide you their guidance and advice on how blockchain can improve workflows and make your company crisis-resilient. Though the opportunities to meet physically are restrained, we remain at your service.

Act now to make your business future-proof!