Cambridge Blockchain

Cambridge Blockchain

Company description

Cambridge Blockchain provides an identity management platform for multinational banks financial institutions that puts control of personal identity data back in the hands of the end user. This blockchain-enabled approach meets the strictest new data privacy rules, eliminates redundant know-your-customer (KYC) compliance steps and improves the user experience.

  • Headquarters: Cambridge, USA
  • Year of creation: 2015
  • Headcount: 17

Blockchain/DTL related services

  • Technology developer

Blockchain/DLT related education and training

  • Blockchain Awakening
  • Smart-Contracts Programming
  • Ethereum / Solidity
  • Hyperledger / Fabric 1.0
  • Crypto assets & ICOs
  • Custom-made Workshop

Certifications, distinctions, awards

  • In 2019, Santander chose us as the most promising blockchain company out of 150 global competitors.
  • We were chosen the best B2B startup at Harvard, and have 18 filed patents.
  • We were part of the FinTech 2018 Selection by PayPal Europe.