Infrachain Summit 2021: Blockchain & the Creative Industries Report


The second part of the afternoon session focused on blockchain and the creative industries. Sten-Kristian Saluveer, Strategist in Residence at Accelerate Estonia opened the track. Saluveer explained that Estonia reimagined a public/private partnership to bring together innovation, scaling and implementation that uses innovations such as the blockchain technology. He concluded by revealing that, “The issue is not often technology but it’s the value proposition, it’s about the excitement for stakeholders involved, storytelling engagement, understanding and communicating what are the benefits of your solutions.”

Irina Albita, Co-founder of FilmChain presented a use case on the end-to-end management of financial transactions for creative industries. Albita explained how FilmChain is using blockchain to modernize royalties payments in film and TV, from viewers to content creators. She declared that, “We shouldn’t build tech for technology’s sake and listen to customers while constantly pushing boundaries from the inside. (…) Our mission, is to get the money made by the films we all love to the right people.”

Blockchain also plays an important role for copyrights. Matteo Fedeli, Director of Music Division at the SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers) presented a new business model in the copyright industry enabled through blockchain., “We want to create a new “on chain” ecosystem that needs to be open to make sense and to be adopted. If it works, we’ll need a ‘Linux foundation'[-like organisation] to guarantee a sustainable development.” Back in 2019, the SIAE partnered with blockchain company Algorand to develop a new blockchain-based platform for copyright management.

The last use case of the Infrachain Summit 2021 was again presented by the Blockchain Leader sponsor Nomadic Labs. It tackled a popular sector among all generations: video games. Max Stoeckl, Co-founder & CEO of Dogamí talked about blockchain gaming, particularly NFTs and crypto in gaming. “Leveraging blockchain & NFTs, you can tokenise in-game assets which allows you to use these assets in multiple contexts and environments. With Dogami, we sell digital dogs which are the key tickets to the Dogami Universe,” Stoeckl shared.

The panel discussion of the blockchain and the creative industries track was entitled Blockchain & the creative industries: the sky is the limit?”. Bernard Michaux, Managing Partner of Samsa Film joined the previous speakers in the discussion which was moderated by Matteo Cernuschi, Chief Operating Officer / Founding Director of ANote Music.

The conference’s MCs Tom Kettels, Project Lead at Infrachain, and Cristiano Morganti, CEO of Net Service Lux, concluded the Infrachain Summit 2021 by thanking the Blockchain Leader sponsor Nomadic Labs, the Blockchain Master sponsor Fujitsu and the Blockchain Expert sponsor The Blockchain Academy, the participants and the speakers and they looked forward to meet again at the Infrachain Summit 2022.

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[…] Read what happened in the circular economy panel and the creative industries panel. […]

[…] Read what happened in the Industry 4.0 panel and the creative industries panel. […]

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