Introducing our New Interns: Welcome Megan and Elias!

Megan & Elias 2

This month, we welcome Megan and Elias, who are joining the Infrachain team for their two-week undergraduate internship. Meet our interns!


“My name is Megan and I’m originally from Bradford, England. In 2020 I gratefully received an offer to study Bsc Economics at University College London, and I moved to London by September! Since then I have been exploring the city, my studies and building my career through work experiences.”

“I was incredibly interested in the economics of development – what challenges developing economies face, how is poverty tackled and what policies exist to reduce inequality? Alongside this, the ability of the subject to make real change to the world we see before us today, for example how economic modelling can tackle climate change. This was very meaningful to me.”

“New technology is becoming increasingly important in recent years, and blockchain is no exception. I did a report during my A-Levels which touched on blockchain, and so I was interested in being able to continue what I’d learnt a little about but found fascinating. I was particularly interested in Infrachain’s projects that use blockchain technology to produce real solutions to a variety of obstacles across Europe.” Discover more about Megan’s background.

“My name is Elias Khadraoui, I come from France and am currently studying Mathematics in UCL (University College London). I have always been interested in science, the logical aspects of objects and their real word application that’s why I decided to study mathematics which will allow me to study the different areas of science including blockchain. That is one of the main reasons why I wanted to do my internship at Infrachain, I am truly willing to know more about this new world which opens so many opportunities, how this technology is used and by who.” Find out more about Elias’ background.