• Headquarters: Bertrange, Luxembourg
  • Year of creation: 1979
  • Headcount: 670

Company Description


Telindus, a founding member of Infrachain, works with multiple blockchains: Ethereum, Quorum, Hyperledger, Stellar, Ripple, Steam, BigChainDB, etc. and builds complete operational solutions: chain, smart contracts, nodes, APIs as well as the front- plus back-end.

For Example:

• NotarChain: Luxembourg Notarization Log Chain is live & the first in Europe.

• KYXChain: Enables efficient, trusted & secure sharing of KYC information among authorized partners.

• TransRecoChain: Allows for reconciliation of data across multiple parties.

• TraceChain: Implementing for the tracing of high-quality items, like mechanical pieces, from manufacturing, via distribution, maintenance to retirement.

• IoTraceChain: Integrate Blockchain with IoT to automate traceability of good along a supply chain.

• BaaS: BlockChain as a Service allows wide range of users to explore blockchain technology.

The implementation of a permissioned blockhain platform ensures that only authorized and identified partners can operate while providing full traceability of transaction history, thus enabling regulators and auditors to become observing partners in the blockchain.

Telindus’ solutions cover Fixed and Mobile Telecommunications, ICT Infrastructures, Multi-Cloud, Fintech solutions, Cybersecurity and Managed Services.

As of January 1st, 2019, Telindus is a brand of Proximus Luxembourg SA.


Blockchain / DTL Related Services

  • Technology developer
  • Application developer
  • Managed services provider
  • Host operator
  • Consulting services
  • Education and training

Blockchain / DLT Related Education & Training

  • Blockchain Awakening
  • Smart-Contracts Programming
  • Ethereum / Solidity
  • Hyperledger / Fabric 1.0
  • Crypto assets & ICOs
  • Custom-made Workshop

Certifications, Distinctions, Awards

  • ISO 27001 (Cybersecurity, Cloud, Managed and Outsourcing Services) & ISO 9001 certifications
  • 2018
  • Cloud Innovation of the Year
  • Best Cloud Provider
  • Best Security Partner of the Year
  • 2017
  • Fintech Solution Provider of the Year
  • Telecom Provider of the Year
  • IT Security Provider of the Year
  • Awareness Security Initiative of the Year
  • 2016
  • Telecom Provider of the Year
  • Eurocloud: Best Business Impact Provided by Cloud Services (Autopolis)
  • 2015
  • Managed Services Provider of the Year
  • EuroCloud: Best Business impact provided by Cloud Services (Swiss Life International)

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