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INFRACHAIN is a privately driven non-profit organization with public sector support created by the emerging Blockchain-industry.

We are a cross-industry effort aiming to push the adoption curve of blockchain by sharing expertise, participating in blockchain projects, disseminating information on operational blockchain use cases and creating an international ecosystem.

We are a Blockchain community and focus on issues allowing Blockchain applications to become operational in the current regulatory environment.


We develop a framework for certified host operators to:

  • host private chain instances with third party distributed trust
  • Create a european blockchain community striving to drive blockchain technology towards a faster and larger adoption
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Todays Blockchain environment has a huge challenge when it comes to bringing Blockchain applications into operations. On the one hand, 1000s of POCs and pilots are running and promise a beautiful de-centralized world. On the other hand, the vast majority of these pilots cannot be deployed today in a public chain environment as these are not providing the necessary regulatory compliance to run operational applications.

What is missing in the current public blockchain environments:

Trust and accountability in the nodes

An organization needs to know their counterparty

Sustainable Operational environment

An organization needs to have a signed SLA in place

Regulatory certainty

An organization needs to interact with an environment which provides regulatory compliance

Infrachain bridges the gap between a still young and not yet mature technology and the centralized view of regulators and organizations.
Our main objective is to bring blockchains ecosystems the same level of governance and compliance than classical environments while keeping the 3rd party distributed trust intact, even in private chains.

What do we do?

We create a framework for community-governance driven private chain instances with third party distributed trust.

Host operator (node) Certification:

To know all related parties in regards to the Blockchain application we are providing an ISO27001 inspired certification.

Last man standing:

To be able to have a signed SLA towards the blockchain application we are providing a “Last man standing” approach


We defined our and all our stakeholders positioning in the light of GDPR

Blockchain Technology agnostic:

We are ready to work with all relevant Blockchain technologies and we will adapt our governance accordingly.

Orchestration of private chain instances:

Automatic initiation of setup of blockchain instances on Host operators ressources through an orchestration layer.

Independent host operators:

Provide 3rd party distributed trust through a community of independant host operators all over Europe.


We are convinced that Europe needs a vast community of Host Operators, Blockchain application providers and associated providers, to walk toward a European blockchain infrastructure.

Infrachain enables all actors in the eco-system to exchange on regulatory, compliance, technology and governance questions and sets up ad hoc Action Groups whenever a subject arises to be relevant to the community.

Our aim is to support European cross-industry efforts in order to foster the growth and the sustainability of the  Blockchain ecosystem. Therefore, Infrachain developed a community-driven initiative where the community governs the permissioned infrastructure hosting Blockchain applications. To do so, a strong and transparent governance is set within the community in order to distribute the power among members. The role of the governance rules is to guarantee the independence of actors involved in the operation of Blockchain instances. That is one of the main differentiators when compared to a cloud alternative offered on the market.


Management Team

Tom Kettels
Project Lead
Adnan Imeri
Technical Lead
Thierry Grandjean
Technical Advisor
Christine Tousch
Admin & finance manager
Magaly Piscarel
Marketing & Communication Officer

Board of Directors

Fabrice Croiseaux
Laurent Kratz
Jed Grant
Jacques Ruckert
Max Gindt
Patrick Weber
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Infrachain a.s.b.l
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L-2338 Luxembourg


Infrachain a.s.b.l.
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