Transformative Impact of Distributed Technologies in Public Services


Launched in January 2020, TOKEN (Transformative Impact Of Blockchain Technologies in Public Services) is an EU funded project whose ultimate goal is to develop an experimental ecosystem to enable the adoption of Distributed Ledger Technologies and to prove its value, via highly replicable Use Cases, as driver for the transformation of public services.

Decentralised Ledger Technologies have the potential to allow public service to: improve effectiveness; reduce friction between agencies; reduce bureaucratic barriers; boost public engagement; enhance digital democracy and transparency; improve knowledge sharing; and foster automation.

TOKEN aims to provide a range of decentralised agnostic technological components  enabling public agencies to pilot the adoption of Distributed Ledger Technologies towards more open, transparent, trusted and efficient public services.


TOKEN aims to offer plug and play interoperable decentralised technology enablers making possible for anyone to choose where they want to connect, having EBSI as the by default reference and providing a diversity of options and alternatives to the pilots. 

We want to provide a transversal solution that can be used for any blockchain/DLT infrastructure, opening the options for the pilots and offering a range of open source modules of use for any public administration.


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