Infrachain Becomes Node Operator of the Public Sector Blockchain

Infrachain, the Luxembourg based non-profit organisation for operational blockchain projects, is delighted to announce that it has been trusted by the Ministry for Digitalisation of Luxembourg to operate a node of the Public Sector Blockchain.

The Public Sector Blockchain was first announced by the Ministry for Digitalisation, the Government IT Centre (CTIE) and SIGI at the Infrachain Summit in 2019.

Besides operating a Public Sector Blockchain node, Infrachain operates several other blockchain nodes, including a European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) validator node, a Tezos baker and a node in the Etherna blockchain. As a trusted blockchain partner, Infrachain helps its blockchain community members improve the management and reliability of their blockchain network and nodes.

Blockchain, a particular type of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), is a technology for storing and transmitting information in a transparent and secure way, operating without a central control body. In principle, a blockchain is a database that contains the history of all exchanges made between its users operating since its creation. This database is secure and distributed: it is shared by its various users, without intermediaries, which allows each user to check the validity of the data on the chain.

The Public Sector Blockchain is a platform that offers the functionalities and advantages of DLT to all public sector players to create applications for the benefit of citizens and businesses in Luxembourg.

Dr Adnan Imeri, Technical Lead of Infrachain, explained that, “Operating a Public Sector Blockchain node is more than just participating in a network; it is a crucial pillar that supports the foundation of decentralization, fostering trust, transparency, and security within the network.”