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Adrien Rollé, Partner & CEO of Finimmo Luxembourg SA, tells us why his company joined Infrachain and discusses the challenges and advantages of the Blockchain technology.

When and why did you join the Infrachain initiative?

We have joined the Infrachain initiative as one of the Founding Members in 2017 as we were convinced that « Blockchain » would quickly become more than a « buzz word ». Looking around us today and reading the news, we definitely can say « Blockchain » is now becoming part of our day to day.

What are the challenges you are currently facing when it comes to the development of concrete Blockchain applications?

From a corporate services provider ‘s angle, the biggest challenge we still currently face is a lack of ad hoc definitions which may entail some uncertainties from a tax, legal, regulatory perspectives.

What about their main advantages and opportunities?

We see in the many « Blockchain » initiatives the main following advantages and opportunities:

– potentially an increase in the level of security from a transactional point of view

– potentially a reduction of lots of time consuming actions that are still manually handled today by many different services providers

– potentially increasing the investment opportunities available to non HNWI

According to you, where will Blockchain be the most efficient? How and why?

We think « Blockchain » might be very helpful a.o. to the different stakeholders of the real estate industry both in (i) easing the transactional process at some point in time and (ii) giving access to this asset class to a larger investor’s base using e.g. the tokenization.

What is needed to really kickoff the adoption of Blockchain?

We definitely need initiative like the Infrachain one that helps in bringing « Blockchain » within everyone’s reach … like the « Internet » is today.

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