Community Event

Highlights – Infrachain’s Exclusive GovTech Lab Webinar

On February 26, Infrachain hosted an exclusive presentation for its members around the Luxembourg GovTech Lab.

The GovTech Lab is an innovation laboratory that uses open innovation to work with internal (ministries, administrations, public actors) and external actors in the development of innovative solutions (technological or conceptual) in order to accelerate eGovernment.

The webinar aimed to give Infrachain members a better understanding of how the joint initiative of the Ministry for Digitalisation and the Government IT Centre (CTIE) is accelerating public services innovation. Nadine Muller, Advisor to Ministry for Digitalisation – Luxembourg,  presented the session.

“Open innovation is the set of innovation processes based on sharing and collaboration,” explained Muller. “It aims to integrate external knowledge in the internal development and innovation procedure.”

Muller also elaborated on the three missions of the GovTech Lab. The main mission is to accelerate innovation within the State through calls for challenges and calls for solutions with already their first call for solutions: “Bye Bye Robots!”. “The objective of ‘Bye Bye Robots!’ is to develop an innovative solution for verifying the human character when using online procedures with the Luxembourg State, replacing the current solution,” said Muller.

Another mission is to create a GovTech community by organizing specialized and transversal events. For instance, the GovTech Lab organizes co-creative workshops with the objective of sharing, exchanging and developing ideas, visions or concepts.

Finally, the joint initiative is aiming to become the place of reference and meeting for government officials interested in GovTech. The GovTech Lab will inaugurate its physical space on the second semester 2021 in the new premises of the CTIE.

The webinar was part of a series of events only open to Infrachain members. Interested companies that which to join Infrachain can contact the team or directly submit their adherence request online.