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Blockchain & EBSI, Cybersecurity and DAO – Highlights of the Infrachain Summit 2023

The seventh edition of the Infrachain Summit, the blockchain conference, took place on October 11 during the Luxembourg Blockchain Week 2023 at the National Sports and Culture Centre – d’Coque. High-level cross-sector experts from Argentina, Belgium, France, Germany, Israel, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland and Portugal shared their experience on the benefits of blockchain in the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI), cybersecurity and decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Fabrice Croiseaux, Chairman of the Board of Infrachain opened the Infrachain Summit 2023 with welcome words, followed by the “Leading the Change: How the EU Drives Global Blockchain Adoption” track. The track centered around EBSI and its contribution to the future of Europe as explained by keynote speaker Christophe Maertens, Belgium, FPS BOSA and Blockchain4Belgium, as well as its verified identity and national policies. EBSI-VECTOR, EBSI-NE and BlockStand projects were also presented. The morning ended with a panel discussion on “How to drive a European Blockchain: insights from EBSI.”

The second track of the 2023 edition focused on “Securing Business With Blockchain:  Cybersecurity, Privacy and Compliance” with a keynote presentation by Yevheniia Broshevan, Co-founder & CBDO of Hacken, on “Security As a Web3 Business Essential”. The cybersecurity track discussed basic attacks on Ethereum Blockchains, smart contract security and insurance, and regulatory IT challenges. Speakers gathered for a panel discussion on “How to anticipate and address cybersecurity risks and compliance requirements to preserve and develop trust in blockchain capabilities for 2024 and beyond?”

Jaguar A. Gal, Adv. CPA, CEO of JAGuar AI Reg&Comp. and JAGuar Lawyers opened the last track of the blockchain conference “Redefining Power: the Present and Future of Decentralized Governance” with a keynote on “DAOs– Is Decentralized Governance, a Decentralization of Power?” Other presentations of the DAO track included centralisation issues, a decentralised funding and governance structure leveraging blockchain technology to foster the Space ecosystem, and decentralized justice. Infrachain Summit 2023 ended with a last panel discussion on “DAOs Unveiled: Shaping the Future of Organisations.”

The annual event gathered participants interested in discovering the latest trends in blockchain and finding out how blockchain is used in practice. During the day, the audience learned how EBSI, cybersecurity and DAO shape the economy.