Interview – How Blockchain is Enabling the Next Generation of Government Services

Tom Kettels, Infrachain Project Lead, discussed the challenges and the possibilities of blockchain for government in an interview with BLING – Blockchain in Government.

In 2018, the BLING project was set up to help governments in the North Sea Region accelerate the adoption of blockchain in government, as part of a wider move towards the development of the next generation of e-services and e-government.

“Good governance rules should, for instance, prevent a minority from taking decisions against a majority, and make sure that good decisions are being made even with limited participation.” The Infrachain Project Lead Tom Kettels shared his thoughts on the importance of governance for blockchain, as well as the value of blockchain for government, his personal interest in blockchain, the TOKEN Projects and its goal and use cases, and much more in an interview with BLING. The full interview is available on page 38 of the BLING Special Conference Magazine 2021.

Since January 2020, Infrachain is also involved in TOKEN. Token is a project dedicated to blockchain in public services. The project is financed by the EU’s Horizon 2020 program. The Token project aims to ease the adoption of Decentralized Ledger Technologies (DLT) to create a more open, transparent, trusted, and efficient government. “Together with knowledge institutions, technical partners and local governments we are developing use cases, but we are also building a community. Our DLT4Gov community is open to everyone interested in blockchain and together we connect and share knowledge on how DLT can impact public organizations,” Kettels explained.

In parallel, Kettels was previously invited by the BLING project to discuss with other blockchain experts the recently published OECD paper by Juho Lindman on “The Uncertain Promise of Blockchain”.