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Open Letter for the preservation of the Electronic Ledger’s provisions in eIDAS 2

On February 9th 2023, the ITRE Committee of the European Parliament adopted a version of the eIDAS 2 proposal that no longer contains Section 11 on Electronic Ledgers as a regulated trust service. The intended and necessary technological neutrality of the file seems to have been the rationale for the withdrawal of these essential provisions.

This unfortunate withdrawal neglects that the concept of electronic ledgers is in fact technologically neutral, since it describes a generic category, rather than a concrete implementation. Removing this concept from the regulation would create many downstream problems, where electronic ledgers are now widely used as a key component of trust architectures.

Through an open letter, Infrachain, the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA), the EU Digital Identity Wallet Consortium (EWC), the TRACE4EU Consortium, the Digital Credentials for Europe Large Scale Pilot (DC4EU), the European DIGITAL SME Alliance, the European Crowdfunding Network, Alastria, the French Federation of Blockchain Professionals (FFPB), IDunion, Association pour le Développement des Actif Numériques (ADAN), Crypto Economy Organisation, Sovrin, Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI), Italia4Blockchain, the German Blockchain Association (Bundesblock), the Dutch Blockchain Coalition and many more stakeholders join forces to share their concerns and urge Members of the Parliament to reinstate these provisions to eIDAS 2.

Get more information and express your support for the open letter here.