Community Event

Overview of the Blockchain Standardization Landscape in Luxembourg

On September 23, 2021, Infrachain hosted an exclusive “Blockchain Technical Standardization Opportunities in Luxembourg” presentation webinar dedicated to the members of its community.

The informative session was organised in collaboration with ILNAS (Institut Luxembourgeois de la Normalisation, de l’Accréditation, de la Sécurité et Qualité des Produits et Services) and ANEC GIE (Agence pour la Normalisation et l’Economie de la Connaissance). It was presented by Jean Lancrenon, Head of the Standardization Department at ANEC GIE, who shared an overview of the national standardization landscape and the projects related to Blockchain.

Lancrenon started the presentation with an overview of the technical standardization where he introduced ILNAS, “A public administration under the authority of the Minister of the Economy,” and ANEC GIE, “An economic interest group that promotes, raises awareness, trains, and applies research in technical standardization and metrology in support of the competitiveness of Luxembourg’s companies.” He also described a standard as, “A technical specification, adopted by a recognized standardization body, for repeated or continuous application, with which compliance is not compulsory.”

He then presented the ISO/TC 307 Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology committee created in 2016 for the Standardization of blockchain technologies and distributed ledger technologies, as well as its eight working groups from Smart Contracts and Governance to Use Cases.

The next committee presented was the CEN/CLC/JTC 19 created in 2019 which prepares, develops and/or adopts standards for Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies covering the following aspects:

  • Organizational frameworks and methodologies, including IT management systems;
  • Processes and products evaluation schemes;
  • Blockchain and distributed ledger guidelines.

The following part of the presentation focused on ETSI and other ISO/IEC work. The Industry Specification Group Permissioned Distributed Ledger “[…] provides the foundations for the operation of permissioned distributed ledgers, with the […] purpose of creating an open ecosystem of industrial solutions to be deployed by different sectors, fostering the application of these technologies […].”

Lancrenon ended his presentation with information on how to participate in the drafting of national, European, and international standards.

The webinar was part of a series of events only open to Infrachain members. Interested companies that which to join Infrachain can contact the team or directly submit their adherence request online.