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A “Blockchain, Big Data and Cryptocurrencies” Course For Everyone

On April 20, Infrachain hosted a special presentation webinar of the Sacred Heart University Luxembourg’s “Blockchain, Big Data and Cryptocurrencies” course starting in May.

Following our recent partnership, Sacred Heart University Luxembourg (SHULU) and Infrachain, together with the Luxembourg Blockchain lab and the House of Training, are advancing Blockchain education in Luxembourg with a hands-on introduction to Blockchain, distributed ledger and cryptocurrencies course. The “Blockchain, Big Data and Cryptocurrencies” course consists of 12 evening sessions taking place at the Chamber of Commerce in Kirchberg from May 17 to June 28, 2021.

Antoine Rech, Head of Campus of Sacred Heart University Luxembourg; course lecturer Dr. Radu State, Senior Research Scientist and Head of SEDAN Group INRIA, and MBA alumni Adriana Migonney, Sales Director at Accor shared their experience on the course that educates the Luxembourg business community about the opportunities and limitations of Blockchain technology.

“We offer here an American degree and several different programs. We have for instance the MBA that you can take over a period of two years, we have some certificates concentrating on some specific areas such as Leadership and we have some courses that we offer to external participants, one of them being the course on blockchain,” stated Rech when introducing the university.

The Head of Campus of the American university which has been located in Luxembourg for now 30 years, continued his presentation by explaining the context of the blockchain course. “The idea of a course on blockchain is not to be afraid of blockchain but it’s actually for you to understand blockchain and to see how you can use the concept of blockchain without being a specialist.” He also accentuated that the course taking place from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm is not only for MBA students but for external participants too as it is compatible with a professional activity.

Dr. State then introduced the content of the course by stating that, “The goal of this course is to address knowledge that someone doing a MBA needs in order to be in a project, to drive a project, to talk with the software developers, to understand technology and how it can be planned into a business plan and can be understood from a business perceptive, not necessarily into writing code.” He also added that the reason why he is lecturing this course is because he wanted to shape and form the new managers who have these capabilities and knowledge for understanding such projects. Dr. State then proceeded to explain the objectives of the class such as analyzing suitability and opportunity for blockchain for a specific use case which can cover Payment, identity and tokenization,  and introducing a mix of academic and real use cases from entrepreneurs and government to the student to understand the local ecosystem.

Regarding the organization of the class, Dr. State announced that the course will have some guest speakers such as Nomadic Labs and NEOFACTO. They will cover topics like Tezos, KYC and VC tokenization respectively. He then continued on explaining that the project driven work will be a group project where, “Students will be driven to identify a use case for blockchain technology, develop a business case, present it and identify the possible appropriate technology.”

The presentation webinar ended with Adriana Migonney who shared an heartfelt testimony of the blockchain course she attended in 2020. “At the beginning I was a bit scared because I didn’t know anything about blockchain and it’s not my area of expertise but at the same time, many subjects coming from all these digital revolutions we are living, blockchain keeps popping up in discussions, on TV, events in Luxembourg and I was really curious to learn more about what exactly is blockchain.” She added that, “What was really interesting about the course is that first, it gives you a context to start researching by yourself and a frame to have a structured approach into the topic. Secondly, it gives interaction from the team project as you really exchange with people with different levels and this helps address questions that you might not feel comfortable with.” Migonney concluded by saying that, “The purpose of the class is not to make you a blockchain expert. It looks at blockchain as a technology and more on how can I use that in the professional work.”

Registrations to the “Blockchain, Big Data and Cryptocurrencies” course are open until mid-May. Click HERE if you wish to enroll and/or contact SHULU for more information on the course.