Community Event

L-DIH – Contributing to the Digital Transformation of Luxembourg

On June 17, 2021, Infrachain hosted an exclusive “Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub – Supporting the Development of the Data-Driven Economy in Luxembourg” presentation webinar for its community members.

Nicolas Sanitas, Senior Advisor and Digital Community Coordinator at Luxinnovation was invited to present the Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub (L-DIH) at one of Infrachain’s members-only events. He began by explaining that the creation of the L-DIH comes from two sides, “The underlying idea of the Luxembourg National Strategy is to support the emergence of a trusted data and a sustainable economy through the digital transformation of strategic sectors in Luxembourg.” For the second side, Sanitas explained that, “The Digital European Programme aims to accelerate the economic recovery and shape the digital transformation of Europe’s society and economy.”

The national agency which “(…) connects cross-sector actors with manufacturing industries that require digital transformation”, serves as “A national platform to bring digitalization needs and solutions together and is integrated in European network of Digital Innovation Hubs”, clarified Sanitas.

The presentation was also the opportunity for Sanitas to explain how the L-DIH is involved with Industry 4.0 which refers to the rapid pace of digitisation in manufacturing today, and its focus on High Performance Computing (HPC), Cybersecurity and Artificial intelligence (AI). More precisely, he accentuated on the importance of blockchain in manufacturing as “An enabler and a catalyst for new business models.”

Sanitas has enlighten that, according to BCG, blockchain in manufacturing is:

  • “Enhancing track and trace.”
  • “Enabling machine-controlled maintenance.”
  • “Simplifying and safeguarding quality checks.”
  • “Protecting and monetizing critical intellectual property.”
  • “Advancing machines as a service.”

After presenting worldwide use cases based on blockchain in manufacturing, the speaker concluded by a call-to-action to our community members “The L-DIH is here to connect good ideas and goodwills from the Infrachain community to the ecosystem of Luxembourg manufacturing industries.”

If you are either a manufacturer who has implemented blockchain or wishing to do so, or a blockchain expert who is whiling to connect with innovative enterprises to discuss about ideas or concepts, please email the DIH team :

The webinar was part of a series of events only open to Infrachain members. Interested companies that which to join Infrachain can contact the team or directly submit their adherence request online.