Filedgr wins the Infrachain Challenge 2023

(Luxembourg, June 16, 2023) On 15th and 16th June, Digiblock, EY Luxembourg, Filedgr, and Weel, participated in the fourth edition of the Infrachain Challenge, the blockchain hackathon.

Their task was to develop an innovative new application for the Public Sector Blockchain developed by the Ministry for Digitalisation on “Decentralised tools for the national dwelling register”. The Ministry for Digitalisation was also the sponsor of the event.

After 30 hours of brainstorming, planning, coding and designing, the four teams had 10 minutes each to convince the jury of their project. All teams presented excellent projects. Following intense deliberations, the jury presided by Renée Thommes, Project Manager at the Ministry for Digitalisation, declared Filedgr with their project “Dwelling Before Selling” as the winner of the 2023 edition.

“We are very happy to have participated in the Infrachain Challenge. We appreciate that the government also organizes these opportunities to showcase the capabilities and the creativity of the blockchain tech ecosystem in Luxembourg. Filedgr tries to develop blockchain solutions, enhancing security transparency and integrity in transactions and we are sure that there are nice opportunities ahead with the national dwelling register here in Luxembourg,” declared the Filedgr team, who also won the second place of the 2022 edition of the blockchain hackathon.

 “Dwelling Before Selling” centers around “the Decentralised National Dwelling Register [which] should allow society to retrieve, control and verify data attached to real estate while respecting the traditional duality (proprietary rights v personal rights) in information access. Filedgr deploys a variation on the ERC 998 token standard which allows people to define the hierarchy of an NFT. The root of the NFT will be the parcel number found in the National Dwelling Register. A Smart Parent NFT which will be phased for each unit (ilot) related to the parcel, itself split out in function of the three different categories of data (data generated by the real estate, proprietary rights and personal rights).”

1st and 2nd runner-up were WEEL and Digiblock. The former presented LuxCertify, which is a “blockchain-based solution offering transparency, traceability, and security in dwelling-related certificates, facilitating efficient information retrieval for incident resolution and every dwellings’ related events.” The latter’s project called Dynamic Dwelling Register is “a dynamic dwelling register that utilizes dynamic NFT tokens, verified and updated through Chainlink Oracles, to organize a massive amount of heterogeneous data changing over time, ensuring privacy and confidentiality.”

The winning team was awarded EUR 5.000 in prize money, whereas the 2nd and 3rd ranked received EUR 3.500 and EUR 2.000.

Laurent Kratz, Vice Chairman of Infrachain, concluded the Infrachain Challenge 2023 by stating that, “It’s when things are getting challenging, like through the crypto winter, that we can see the people who are really motivated to develop innovative blockchain projects as we witnessed today at the Infrachain Challenge.”