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Infrachain EBSI validator node

Infrachain EBSI node becomes a validator

EBSI, the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure, is an initiative by the European Commission, the 27 Member States, Liechtenstein and Norway to establish a trusted and scalable infrastructure for blockchain-based services in Europe. EBSI aims to enhance transparency, security, and efficiency in various sectors. It enables the deployment of decentralized applications and supports the development of interoperable and standardized blockchain solutions across Europe.

Infrachain has been actively engaged in the development of EBSI since the very start of the EBSI initiative. As EBSI is about to go in production, Infrachain has now been trusted with operating a validator node in the EBSI Pilot environment.

An EBSI validator node is an important component of the EBSI network responsible for validating and securing transactions on the blockchain.

Dr. Adnan Imeri, Technical Lead of Infrachain, commented: “Being entrusted with running a validator node is a major recognition of Infachain’s strong commitment to EBSI. As a neutral and independent entity with a proven track record in providing reactive and stable services, we are a trusted partner of choice for the European blockchain.”

Besides hosting an EBSI validator node, Infrachain also participated in the EBSILUX project which ended in February 2023.